Editing Film Scans

I don't know why, but when I envisioned shooting film photography, I imagined Jose Villa style images just popping out of my camera with little effort. I may have been a little off!

The FIRST thing I learned was that film is genuinely difficult to shoot on! Understanding what the light will do to your image, and I mean really understanding it... not just looking at the back of your camera and knowing something is off, is difficult. I found that I had to reach back in my brain for all that technical stuff you tend to let go of when shooting digital. Then it all comes down to trusting your instincts!

But the SECOND thing I learned really surprised me; Even when you photograph an image perfectly, you still need to make some minor adjustments in lightroom or photoshop later. I don't know why but I assumed film just had a particular look SOOC that was flawless!

and finally, the THIRD thing I learned, is how to edit film images until, yes, they have a magical Jose Villa, fairytale, light and airy perfection to them.

SOOC Portra400 film on a Pentax 645N

SOOC Portra400 film on a Pentax 645N