Where are you located?

I photograph weddings mostly in the North East USA, however, I work frequently all up and down the East Coast.

But I'm not afraid of flying and love new places! Let's go!


How experienced are you?


I have 10+ years and 200+ weddings under my belt. Actually, I have a lens bag attached to my belt... with my phone, some film, and a snack. I'm Kidding! But I really have shot that many weddings. So, you can go ahead and try to surprise me on your wedding day- I dare ya!


What are your prices?

Most Photographers will tell you they do "custom pricing" which, after working for multiple other photographers, I know translates into "what I feel like" pricing, or even worse, "how wealthy do I THINK this client is" pricing (Sadly, I've actually seen this, A LOT). I do not do this.


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Wedding Prices and Packages




*2 week delivery of images
*online gallery with high res downloads +printing rights
*proof prints of every image
* ... and more


Email for more details or questions about how I can work with you to fit your budget! I'm pretty good at crunching numbers!